The team of PGA golf professionals at Clovernook Country Club are among the area’s best, providing a superior learning experience with access to the great golf practice facilities.

Golf instruction is offered as private sessions or in group clinics for players of all ages and abilities. Private lessons provide students one-on-one time with one of our qualified PGA golf professionals to work on any aspect of their game. Golf clinics provide a small group setting with hands-on learning while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow members and friends.

Golf Professionals

Teaching Philosophy

Harry Alexander, PGA
Head Golf Professional


My teaching philosophy is to teach people, and not just one particular technique.  Because people have different personalities and learning styles, not all students fit into the same mold.  I pride myself in my ability to customize a lesson and coaching session to the student’s physical abilities and limitations. 

Another important factor I take into consideration is that people want different things out of the game.  I encourage my students to communicate what they would like to accomplish during each lesson.  Good communication leads to well-planned lessons with clear goals for each lesson. 

My strengths as an instructor are knowledge, experience, my ability to communicate, and being patient during the teaching process. Since everyone is uniquely different, no two golf swings are exactly the same, and no two lessons will be exactly the same.

Adults:  $50 for a 45 minute lesson
Juniors:  $30 for a 45 minute lesson

Dave Miller
Assistant Golf Professional
Statistics have shown that 62% of all golf shots are played from within 100 yards of the green. More importantly 80% of these shots come within 40 yards of the green. My philosophy in teaching is to develop each player’s ability to hit the correct golf shot. By focusing the instruction on the scoring part of the game, 100 yards and closer, players will not only become better but will also see far greater results in both their ability and scoring.
Knowing what type of shot to hit inside 100 yards is also a very important part of my philosophy. Whether it’s a 20-foot chip shot from just off the green or a 30-yard pitch shot, you must choose the shot that allows for the best result. As you learn the fundamentals to hit all of these shots you will become more efficient and your confidence will allow you to overcome any deficiencies that plague your game.
My instruction techniques will allow you to eliminate 3 putts, hit proper chip shots, learn how to play correct bunker shots, and hit the green every time from inside 100 yards. In doing so each aspect of the rest of your golf game will become better and your love for the game will grow. We don’t have to spend hours improving the look of your swing, we just need to make your swing more efficient. 

Adults: $50 or $70 with video
Juniors: $30 or $50 with video

Kyle Unger
Assistant Golf Professional
As a player and enthusiastic student of the game, I believe each golfer has something that makes their swing unique. I believe every golfer has the ability to bring their game to the next level. To achieve these goals, I like to set up a game plan before each lesson with a specific goal of understanding the player and their struggles which will set the path to success.

The golf swing is a complex process that can be broken down into steps to help us improve our game.  My philosophy incorporates multiple learning styles to cater to each individual student; incorporating videos, drills, and step-by-step processes. It is important to understand what factors cause poor results and how to effectively correct them.  

My goals for each lesson are to achieve better results and for the student to walk away with a better understanding of the swing which creates a strong fundamental base to build on. Using a process oriented approach we can break the swing down into a more simple form, alleviating stress and get the student on the path to success.

Adults:  $40 for a 45 minute lesson
Juniors:  $20 for a 45 minute lesson